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Sunday 29th May 2016

Professional NLP & Hypnosis Training

certified nlp and hypnosis training

If you look at a map of the Southwest you will see it is a landscape rich in signs of human ingenuity and creativity, both ancient and modern. Perhaps that's why it attracts so many artists, visionaries and innovators.

For me, it is the perfect backdrop to inspire a fresh approach to NLP and Hypnosis training. My courses are packed with original and innovative techniques but they are grounded in empirical realities and metaphysical insights that have stood the test of time.Nick Evans, Founder

The result; an NLP and Hypnosis skill set that is fit for purpose in 2016, devoid of superfluous pseudo science and gets you results.

"Whatever my future holds, I know these techniques will always be applied in some form 'out there' M. Ivybridge

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NLP Foundation Diploma

A Learning packed course full of practical life skills 

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NLP Practitioner

Turn your life skills into a professional tool kit for change

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Certified Hypnotherapist Fast Track Course

Use Hypnosis Professionally & Grow your Business

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