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Sunday 7th February 2016

NLP & Hypnosis Training for Professionals

NLP Southwest. Outstanding Training and Outstanding Location

Hello and welcome to Devon School of NLP & Hypnosis.  We are the number one choice for NLP & Hypnosis professionals in Devon and Cornwall and the longest established training provider in the region.  Our success is down to one simple but powerful combination; expert training and high quality post course support.

With NLP and Hypnosis breakthrough sessions costing on average over £400 it is no surprise that professional NLP & Hypnosis training is a popular career choice.

"Since doing my Practitioner training at Devon School of NLP I'm now making good money doing something I love.  Thank you". Steve, recently qualified Practitioner Hypnotherapist

If you are self funding then there are interest free payment plans and you can even start making money from your NLP & Hypnosis while training. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn NLP & Hypnosis I am sure we have a quality, affordable course to suit you.  Please browse our site or even better get in touch to discuss your goals.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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NLP Diploma

Four days that could just transform your life 

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NLP Practitioner

Finally!  An NLP Practitioner course that is serious about helping you apply NLP in the real world

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Certified Hypnotherapist

Create a new career or add Hypnosis to your existing skill set with our accredited course:

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